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Lesbian Adventures - Strap-On Specialists 11 ____________________________________
Lesbian Adventures - Strap-On Specialists 11
I.D. DVD_8203, Adult
2017, TBD
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli

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Brandi Love, Peta Jensen, Chanel Preston Veruca James, Dana Vespoli, Maddy O'Reilly, Jenna Sativa, Lilly LaBeau

Shps approx 3/1/17. In the 11th installment of Sweetheart’s award-winning series, gorgeous, dominant lesbians show their girlfriends the joys of penetration with strap-on dildos. Real estate agent Maddy O’Reilly is stunned to find homeowner Dana Vespoli standing in in the bedroom wearing a strap-on, when there is a misunderstanding about open house times. Somehow everything works out, though, when Dana explains how to use the strap-on. Jenna Sativa gets a lesson in love from roommate Lily LaBeau before her “first time” with a new boyfriend. talk show host Brandi Love comes head to head with rival talk show host Peta Jensen, after Peta’s show gets knocked out of the prime time spot. Both ladies find a way to resolve their issues. Lesbian lovers Chanel Preston and Veruca James get into a fight when Veruca suspects Chanel has been cheating. Chanel eases Veruca’s fears with a little penetration love…

Anon in Bama
The intros for this one are all AWFUL. There should always be a psychological element involved when a preferably-more-dominant lesbian woman dons her strap-on with which to do her beautiful & preferably-more-submissive girlfriend - only there is NONE OF THAT on this DVD. I do not know if Dana Vespoli did her own writing or if she had help, but either way these set-ups are just TERRIBLE all around!

1) Dana Vespoli & Maddy O''Reilly - I first saw these two appear together in a girl/girl encounter five years ago in "Lesbian Adventures - Strap-On Specialists 05" - and they really SIZZLED! But that was then and this is now, and Maddy is no longer the slender little innocent-submissive hottie that she was in 2012, and it clearly shows.

In this scene, Dana is a lesbian woman sending nude strap-on selfies to her female lover when real-estate agent Maddy suddenly & without warning bursts into her bedroom. I guess it is supposed to be funny, watching these two stammering at one another in shock & embarrassment, but all-too-quickly Maddy is asking Dana about the strap-on that she is wearing. "Do you use it often?" And so Dana shows her. There is NO REAL CHEMISTRY whatsoever between the two. They simply engage in some everyday exploratory strap-on lesbianism that was nowhere near as good as that 2012 strap-on encounter - you know, written back when quality intros were still a thing that Dana considered to be important.

set-up: C, casting: B, sex: B+

2) Lilly LaBeau & Jenna Sativa - Pretty young Jenna is getting all dolled-up to go out on a date. Her roommate Lilly talks about how she watched the Clinton-Trump debate last night, mentioning how "a Muslim man and a Latina woman might have just sealed the fate of Trump in the upcoming election!" Yeah, sure they did. Anyway, Jenna is not paying any attention to that inane dialogue, because she is all nervous about her upcoming date with Scott, mentioning that: "he does not know I am a virgin," and adding that: "Scott likes slutty girls!" And so Lilly decides to remedy the situation by breaking out her strap-on and using it on Jenna. No, these two young women are not the slightest bit attracted to one another, but they will now have strap-on lezzie-sex to help Scott! This is a really shitty way to intro a g/g scene.

set-up: F, casting: A, sex: B

3) Brandi Love & Peta Jensen - Brandi hosts a television news talk show, and she is conversing on her cell phone about getting ready to interview Paula Jones & Monica Lewinsky. Suddenly, rival host Peta enters her bedroom unannounced, accusing Brandi of stealing her spot on the network line-up by f*cking the head of the network. Suddenly a strap-on falls out of the purse of Brandi, with Peta quickly deducing that Brandi has actually been using it on the male network executive in charge of scheduling. Seriously? Is that supposed to be in any ways erotic, or even interesting? I certainly failed to think so! Anyway, suddenly Brandi offers to help Peta, with Peta then looking at the strap-on and asking: "what else can you help me with?" They then begin kissing & undressing with Brandi putting on the S/O and taking Peta doggy-style with it. Lame.

set-up: D, casting: A-, sex: B+

4) Chanel Preston & Veruca James - These two are a lesbian couple already living together. Veruca angrily accuses Chanel of cheating on her after discovering a strap-on under their bed. Veruca apparently left her husband to come live with Chanel, and now she is feeling highly insecure. Chanel calms Veruca down by f*cking her with the strap-on. I liked the way that Chanel was in control, taking Veruca doggy-style with it. But later, the two women switch places, with Veruca doing Chanel frontally only. Bad writing.

set-up: D-, casting: B+, sex: A-

Quality erotic intros can make a so-so lesbian-scene a hundred-times HOTTER, but really crappy intros (such as we have here) can make an otherwise excellent video (and I normally LOVE watching lesbian strap-on scenes) only mediocre. This video could/would easily have been so much BETTER with some quality erotic scripting! My overall grade: B-

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