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Lefty ____________________________________
I.D. dvd_7580, Adult
2016, TBA
Sweetheart Video
Directed by Dana Vespoli
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5-Star Film! 

Dana Vespoli, Bree Daniels, Julia Ann, Dani Daniels, AJ Applegate.

Ships 8/3. Dana Vespoli plays Linda “Lefty” Lumaban an undefeated boxing champion who abandoned her career at the top of her game, leaving behind an illustrious career, a beautiful girlfriend, and staggering wealth. Bree Daniels plays Erin, a hip journalist who decides to track down the elusive boxer to see if she plans on making a comeback. Join Erin on her odyssey as she interviews Lefty’s ex-girlfriend, Alexis Texas, discovers dark secrets from Lefty’s past and finally comes face to face with the brooding boxer in a climactic ending. Also starring Julia Ann, AJ Applegate, and Dani Daniels.

Humble Opinion
I recently watched Dana Vespoli's "Lefty", and I liked it quite a bit. It made, I thought, some very interesting choices. For instance, it is a fight movie without any explosive outbreaks of violence or anger. I can't think of the last time I watched a boxing movie with male or female boxers where there wasn't a theme of barely contained rage simmering underneath one, if not many, of the characters in the movie. Dana Vespoli's Lefty is no pussycat. When Lefty describes how she feels "in a zone" once she gets in the ring, there is a chilliness in Lefty's eyes and demeanor that is impressively off-putting. But, in her everyday life, Lefty is a brooding, quiet, seemingly lost and slightly lonely woman, not a "powder keg" waiting to go off.

It is a quiet movie, even an intimate movie. And it feels, very much, like a personal project for Dana Vespoli.

Except for the 3 way scene between Alexis Texas, Dani Daniels, and A.J. Applegate, the sex is not especially boisterous or wild. The three other sex scenes have a slowed down, more "lived-in" quality to them sex between partners who don't have to "prove themselves" anymore.

Alexis Texas's scene with Dana Vesploli my favorite sex scene in the movie does not have the usual "booty twerking" that you have come to expect from Alexis scenes. Instead the Dana /Alexis scene is a hot, intimate love scene, with a lot of pussy worship licking, turning to sucking, turning to eating, turning to finger probing, turning back to licking. I love watching Alexis Texas thick voluptuous body twist and writhe on the bed as Dana eats her out. And Dana, especially here with Alexis is glorious to watch, her whole body stiffening as she begins to go into the throes of orgasm. Given Dana well known wild and sometimes slightly raunchy side, it was very pleasing to watch a quieter Dana Vespoli on screen in both her scene with Alexis and her scene with Bree Daniels.

While Dana's character was very interesting to watch, the performer who continued to captivate me with her acting talent was Bree Daniels. She is such a versatile and charismatic actress. (Compare and contrast Bree's performance here with her dark performance as Kayden Kross's girlfriend in Kayden's film "Girl Squared", or Bree's great scene in Jacky St. James "Sisterly Love 1", where she plays Ashley Molloy's sweet, insecure, but cunningly seductive younger step sister) Here, Bree is playing an on-line magazine reporter who is fairly new to the business, and nervous about trying to get an interview with the reclusive and secretive Lefty who left the boxing world suddenly. Watching Bree transform into the sensitive and receptive interviewer who is able to "bring out" Lefty was some very good acting coupled with some very good writing.

The Dana Vespoli/Bree Daniels sex scene, which comes near the end of the movie, is an even more intimate sex scene than the Dana/Alexis scene. For a good part of their lovemaking the two women's bodies are practically inseparable. While Dana and Bree's characters barely know each other, there is a neediness to the sex, and a connection that feels real. Dana's character has been isolated and alone too long, and she responds to Bree's tenderness and obvious caring for her. While Bree's character, who has awe, but more of a concern for her idol, wants to genuinely get to know Lefty, but more than that, wants to shelter Lefty (as well as to move on from her failed relationship with her former older, judgmental mentor, Julia Ann).

I was surprised to learn that Julia Ann had never worked with Bree Daniels before this match-up. Julia Ann is playing a slightly less sympathetic character here pushy and demanding so the sex between her and Bree was not as intimate as Dana's scenes. But these two veteran girl/girl stars are fully capable of provoking heat and passion in the other, and this is an enjoyable scene to watch.

I thought that this was an overlooked movie that deserved some recognition.

This I thought quite superb with Dana Vespoli giving quite the performance of her life as Linda “Lefty” Lumaban a world champion boxer who vanishes/retires on the death of her manager/mentor only to be found years later by journalist Bree Daniels and coxed back for one last fight. Dana is just perfect in this and I think years later will look back on this film with pride for it is so good..

Also good in this is Bree Daniels who as a teenager admired Dana and now solves the problem of her life and reunites Dana with her daughter. If the last scene does not get you then nothing will as Dana wins back her world title and meets her daughter for the first time.

Very good in this is Julia Ann as Bree’s dominating girlfriend and for me Alexis Texas as Dana’s blousy porn star girlfriend. I usually loathe Alexis Texas but here she is well cast and does the porn star well. Also in this are Dani Daniels and A J Applegate as two dancers who have a threesome with Alexis watched by Dana. Minor roles for them but well done.

The last scene where Dana and Bree make love is excellent given all the emotion that goes into it. Dana in the ring also looks good so this was clearly an important film for her. As Director I doubt if Dana has made a better film and this deserves AVN nomination for it is good.

Not to be missed.

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